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If your deal has been turned down why not give PHOENIX FINANCIAL SERVICES a chance to work on your behalf? We will work with you to put a package together that highlights your strong points. Those that will make underwriters take notice and increase your chances for success. We will package the loan, try to place the loan and remain in contact throughout the whole process. We can succeed if we work together as if we are "partners".

 We are experienced financial marketing professionals   with an extensive background in areas of specialization   which include:

  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Origination
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Development of Limited Partnerships

Consult our Experts Today

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Call us for a free private confidential consultation, and explore viable funding options. Phoenix Financial Services offers commercial mortgage brokering services to business owners and company leaders worldwide.

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7 Days a Week

Contact Information

Phoenix Financial Services

Phone: 201-657-5229

Name: Dominic S. Padula

Phone: 201-657-5229


Name: Martha Padula

Phone:  973-902-1356


Name: Rahul Singh & Aman Daniel

Phone:  1732-924-7675


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